Welcome To PlatinumMinecraft ! 

PlatinumMinecraft is  a 1.8.9 based Minecraft Server , Our Motto is Simple Yet Important  : Dedication and Patience.

We ( The Staff Team) Are dedicated to work as a group and Improve the Player's experience , We Do not Tolerate Staff Abuse , Cheating and impatience  , We're here all week and most hours a day to assist you with whatever problems you may have in our server , We're open to suggestions and would Love To Hear Your Suggestions at our Discord server. Here's some Frequently Asked questions.

PlatinumMinecraft FAQ

Official PMC FAQ

1. I bought a package  , How long will it Take Until I get it? 

Usually , This process should be very quick , And will take up to 15 Minutes of your time. 

If you haven't received your Package after 15 Minutes , Contact The Owners Through Discord   : Ariel#9732 ProxMore#9603

2. What is that discord app? Do I have to pay in order to connect with the community?

Not at all. You do not need to pay for anything. Discord is a proprietary freeware VoIP application and digital distribution platform designed for creating communities ranging from Gamers to education and businesses. We use the discord app to connect our community together. You can join Our Discord Server and chat with everyone else.

3. What are the supported payment methods ?

Currently we Only Support paypal , But we are working on getting more and more payment methods available for you. You can also pay via credit card with paypal.

4. Great so, Where Do I start playing? Is the server cracked or premium?

The server is in Online mode  = false ( Cracked) Meaning you can join Even if you didn't purchase a premium Minecraft account. You can start playing by joining our Minecraft server through this ip : platinum-mc.com or play.platinum-mc.com


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